Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry

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Chapter 1: Global Perspective


1.1. Introduction

1.2. Biogeochemical Cycles of Greenhouse Gases

1.2.1. The Global Carbon Cycle Natural and Human-Induced Changes in the Past Carbon Cycle A More Detailed Analysis of the Carbon Budget and its Change during the Past 20 Years Inter-Annual and Decadal Variability of Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Non-Land Use Influences on Sources and Sinks of CO2

1.2.2. Sources and Sinks of Methane
1.2.3. Sources and Sinks of Nitrous Oxide

1.3. The Carbon Budget of Terrestrial Ecosystems

1.3.1. Carbon Stocks and Flows in Major Biomes
1.3.2. Components of the Carbon Balance of Ecosystems Net Ecosystem Exchange on Different Time Scales Measured Carbon Fluxes in Different Ecosystems Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Nutrient Deposition and Mineralization Spatial and Temporal Integration

1.3.3. The Future of the Terrestrial Carbon Sink

1.4. The Influence of Land Use on Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks

1.4.1. Land-Use Change
1.4.2. Land-Use Management
1.4.3. The Fate of Stored Carbon in Biomass Products
1.4.4. Biomass Energy



Lead Authors:
P. Ciais (France), W. Cramer (Germany), P. Jarvis (UK), H. Kheshgi (USA),
C. Nobre (Brazil), S. Semenov (Russian Federation), W. Steffen (Australia)

Review Editors:
S. Linder (Sweden) and F. Joos (Switzerland)

Other reports in this collection