The Regional Impacts of Climate Change

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Chapter 5: Europe

Executive Summary

5.1. Background Characterization/Current Baseline Conditions

5.1.1. Geography
5.1.2. Ecology
5.1.3. Population and Demographic Trends
5.1.4. Economics Economic Sectors: Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Economic Sectors: Mining, Manufacturing, Energy Patterns, and Transportation

5.2. Regional Climate Characteristics

5.2.1. Current Climate
5.2.2. Climatic Trends in This Century
5.2.3. Projections for the Future

5.3. Key Impacts

5.3.1. Ecological Systems Forests Grasslands and Rangelands Noncoastal Wetlands Freshwater Ecosystems Littoral and Pelagic Zones Adaptation Options

5.3.2. Agriculture and Fisheries Agricultural Production Annual crops Perennial crops General trends in agriculture Fisheries Adaptation Options

5.3.3. Cryosphere, Hydrology, Water Resources, and Water Management Snow and Ice Hydrology and Water Management Adaptation Options

5.3.4. Coastal Zones Adaptation

5.3.5. Other Infrastructure/Activities/Settlement Energy Demand Water Supply Water Demand Air Pollution Construction and Infrastructure Insurance

5.3.6. Human Health

5.4. Integrated Assessment of Potential Vulnerabilities and Impacts

5.4.1. Integrated Assessment Using Monetization
5.4.2. Integrated Assessment Using Integrated Modeling
5.4.3. Integrated Assessment Using Coupled Models and Expert Panels



Lead Authors: R. Del�colle (France), G. Hoermann (Germany), A. Iglesias (Spain), J. Innes (Switzerland), A.J. McMichael (UK), W.J.M. Martens (The Netherlands), I. Nemesova (Czech Republic), R. Nicholls (UK), F.L. Toth (Germany)

Contributors: S. Kovats (UK), R. Leemans (The Netherlands), Z. Stojic (Slovenia)

Other reports in this collection