Aviation and the Global Atmosphere

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Figure SPM-2: Global CO2 emissions related to energy and industry (Figure SPM-2a) and land-use changes (Figure SPM-2b) from 1900 to 1990, and for the 40 SRES scenarios from 1990 to 2100, shown as an index (1990 = 1). The dashed time-paths depict individual SRES scenarios and the area shaded in blue the range of scenarios from the literature as documented in the SRES database. The scenarios are classified into six scenario groups drawn from the four scenario families. Six illustrative scenarios are highlighted. The colored vertical bars indicate the range of emissions in 2100. The four black bars on the right of Figure SPM-1a indicate the emission ranges in 2100 for the IS92 scenarios and three ranges of scenarios from the literature, documented in the SRES database. These three ranges indicate those scenarios that include some additional climate initiatives (designated as "intervention" scenarios), those that do not ("non-intervention"), and those that cannot be assigned to either category ("non-classified"). This classification is based on a subjective evaluation of the scenarios in the database and was possible only for energy and industry CO2 emissions. SAR, Second Assessment Report.

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