IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios

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Chapter 4: An Overview of Scenarios

4.1. Introduction

4.2. SRES Scenario Taxonomy
      4.2.1. Storylines
      4.2.2. Scenarios

4.3. Scenario Storylines
     4.3.1. A1 Storyline and Scenario Family
     4.3.2. A2 Storyline and Scenario Family
     4.3.3. B1 Storyline and Scenario Family
     4.3.4. B2 Storyline and Scenario Family

4.4. Scenario Quantification and Overview
     4.4.1. Scenario Terminology
     4.4.2. Translation of Storylines into Scenario Drivers
     4.4.3. Population Prospects
     4.4.4. Economic Development
     4.4.5. Energy Intensities, Energy Demand, and Structure of Energy Use
     4.4.6. Resource Availability
     4.4.7. Technological Change
     4.4.8. Prospects for Future Energy Systems
     4.4.9. Land-Use Changes
     4.4.10. Environmental Policies

4.5. Regional Scenario Patterns

4.6. A Roadmap to the SRES Scenarios


Other reports in this collection