IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios

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Chapter 2: An Overview of the Scenario Literature

2.1. Introduction

2.2. General Overview of Scenarios

2.3. Emissions Scenario Database

2.4. Analysis of Literature
     2.4.1. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Ranges
     2.4.2. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Histograms
     2.4.3. Sulfur Dioxide Emissions
     2.4.4. Population Projection Ranges
     2.4.5. Gross World Product
     2.4.6. Gross World Product Histograms
     2.4.7. Population and Gross World Product Relationships
     2.4.8. Primary Energy Consumption Ranges
     2.4.9. Primary Energy Consumption Histograms
     2.4.10. Relationships between Primary Energy and Gross World Product
     2.4.11. Carbon Intensity and Decarbonization
     2.4.12. Comparison of Indicators

2.5. Conclusions


Other reports in this collection