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Call for Expression of Interest: Senior Specialist Consulting Services, Ocean Governance and Spatial Planning

Ocean Governance and Marine Spatial Planning at GRID-Arendal

Developing states in Africa and the Pacific have sovereign rights over vast areas of the ocean filled with fish, petroleum and minerals and other resources. These countries are beginning to question the current methods of exploiting resources. Even within states with established resource industries, the benefits derived from these sectors often do not adequately support sustainable livelihoods for their citizens. Nor is much effort made to be innovative and look for ways to increase resource value while decreasing the environmental footprint caused by its exploitation. There needs to be a new conversation about how resources are extracted, and who benefits from this extraction.

While there is a strong push for the rapid development of these sectors to drive economic development, there is also an emerging need for marine and coastal ecosystems that can provide long-term sustainable benefits. In fact, responsible management does not preclude, but enables social and economic prosperity, and can spark a new era in the story of resource exploitation. Developing nations in Africa and other regions can lead the world in the holistic approach to marine resources, an approach which acknowledges their “real” value.

To support its work on Ocean Governance and Marine Spatial Planning, GRID-Arendal is seeking a Senior Specialist with demonstrated experience in enacting awareness raising and capacity building efforts with Pacific Island Countries and SE Asian countries. The particular experience sought will build on knowledge and experience related to supporting developing countries with the delineation of the limits of the continental as described by Article 76 of UNCLOS. The Senior Specialist will support regional organisations and countries as they transition towards a more holistic cross-sectoral approach to oceans governance.

Promoting Responsible Resource Extraction

GRID-Arendal has a strong background in the extraction industry combined with science communication, policy formulation expertise and Green Economy. We work to create spaces for capacity building and solution-oriented approaches to promote responsible resource extraction for developing and maintaining a sustainable society and environment. Unsustainable practices thrive in the social spaces dominated by poverty, inequality and weak governance, thus contributing to forestalling economic prosperity for billions of people in countries across the world.

To support its work on responsible resource extraction the Senior Specialist will also have a demonstrated background in the extractive sector and will provide high quality expert support to the conduct of assessments and the implementation of awareness raising and capacity building efforts.

Type: Independent Consultant

Duration: 1 year, with a possibility of 1 year extension depending on funding

Starting date: 2019-01-01

Ending date: 2019-12-31

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