Methodological and Technological issues in Technology Transfer

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12.4.1 Technology Transfer within Annex I Countries

The policies in timber importing countries are critical to ensure environmentally sound technology transfer within timber exporting countries. Annex I countries are the dominant timber importing countries both from non-Annex I as well as from other Annex I countries. Thus, it is very important for Annex I countries to promote the diffusion of sustainable forest management (SFM) practices. SFM practices are also supposed to be beneficial to timber logging countries for conserving bio-diversity and watersheds.

Government initiated measures. Some of the measures to promote technology transfer on SFM practices and Protected Area management are as follows:

Community-initiated measures. NGOs could contribute to creating awareness in the consumers to promote the use of certified timber and recycled paper. Consumer interest groups/NGOs could ensure enforcement of regulations; paper recycling, and marketing of sustainable timber.

Private sector. The private sector in Annex I countries will play a role in development of criteria and indicators for SFM, development of certification schemes and their adaptation to the national/regional level, ensuring the adoption of SFM practices in timber logging, marketing sustainably logged timber, and in generating forestry technologies.

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