Methodological and Technological issues in Technology Transfer

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Section I: Framework for Analysis: Technology Transfer to address Climate Change

Section Coordinators:

1. Managing Technological Change in Support of the Climate Change Convention:
A Framework for Decision-making

Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Basic Concepts

1.3 Background

1.4 The Many Meanings of Technology Transfer and Innovation

1.5 Stakeholders, Decisions, and Policies

1.6 The Innovation System and Pathways: A Framework for Analysis

1.7 United Nations Strategies for Facilitating Technology Transfer

1.8 Technology Transfer Related to Global Climate Change

1.9 The Changing Roles of Key Stakeholders: Governments, Private Sector, Communities and NGOs


Annex 1-1 List of Case Studies in Chapter 16

Annex 1-2 Criteria for Effective Technology Transfer

Annex 1-3 A Stakeholder Typology

Coordinating Lead Author:
Sergio C. Trindade (Brazil)

Lead Authors:
Toufiq Siddiqi (USA), Eric Martinot (USA)

Contributing Author:
Mary-Renee Dempsey-Clifford (Ireland)

Review Editors:
Li Liyan (China), Roberto Schaeffer (Brazil)

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