The Regional Impacts of Climate Change Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Footnotes for Chapter 8

1. San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. Resolution 88-15. Adoption of Bay Plan Amendment No. 3-88 Concerning Sea Level Rise Findings and Policies.

2. The rolling easements are called "special permits." SC Code 48-39-290 (D)(1).

3. Most hydrological studies of flooding and water resources now use scenarios based on GCM simulations, but there are important uncertainties in this use: "Weaknesses of models in coupling the land surface and atmospheric hydrologic cycles and in GCM simulations of regional climate and extremes, particularly with regard to precipitation. Weaknesses in using GCM simulations to define climate-change scenarios at the spatial and temporal resolution required by hydrological models. The spatial resolution of current GCMs is too coarse for their output to be fed directly into hydrological models." (IPCC 1996, WG II, Section 10.2.2).