The Regional Impacts of Climate Change

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Chapter 10: Temperate Asia

Executive Summary

10.1. Regional Characteristics

10.1.1. Geography and Demography
10.1.2. Regional Climate Information Past and Present Climate Characteristics Future Climate Projections Temperature Precipitation Possible changes in sea ice over the Sea of Okhotsk

10.2. Sensitivity, Adaptability, and Vulnerability

10.2.1. Ecological Systems (including Cryosphere) Forests, Grasslands, and Tundra Deserts and Desertification Lakes, Streams, and Wetlands Mountain Regions Cryosphere

10.2.2. Hydrology and Water Resources Hydrological Systems Water Supply Water Resources in China

10.2.3. Food and Fiber Production Agriculture Fisheries Production Forestry

10.2.4. Coastal Systems Sea-Level Rise Coastal Flooding and Inundation Integrated Coastal Zone Management

10.2.5. Human Settlements and Industry Human Settlements Industry

10.2.6. Human Health Heat Stress Infectious Diseases Pollution Hazards

10.3. Integrated Analysis of Potential Vulnerabilities and Impacts

10.3.1. North China Water Resources Agriculture Forests Coastal Zones

10.3.2. Forests in Temperate Asia



Lead Authors: Byong-Lyol Lee (Korea), H. Harasawa (Japan), K.I. Kobak (Russia), Lin Erda (China), Liu Chunzen (China), N. Mimura (Japan)

Contributors: Ding Yihui (China), M. Lal (India)

Other reports in this collection