Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry

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Chapter 6: Implications of the Kyoto Protocol for the Reporting Guidelines


6.1. Introduction

6.1.1. The IPCC Guidelines
6.1.2. The IPCC Guidelines and the UNFCCC
6.1.3. The IPCC Guidelines and the Kyoto Protocol

6.2. Relevant issues in the IPCC Guidelines for Reporting under the Kyoto Protocol

6.2.1. Relevance of the IPCC Guidelines to the Protocol
6.2.2. Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions among IPCC Sectors
6.2.3. Methodological Issues for National Reporting under the UNFCCC
6.2.4. Issues for Consideration in National and Project Reporting

6.3. Adequacy of the IPCC Guidelines for Reporting National Activities under the Kyoto Protocol

6.3.1. Afforestation, Reforestation, and Deforestation under Article 3.3 Generic Issues on Afforestation, Reforestation, and Deforestation Specific Issues on Deforestation

6.3.2. Additional Human-Induced Activities under Article 3.4 Generic Issues on Additional Activities Specific Issues on Additional Activities Fossil Fuel Substitution

6.3.3. Forest Harvesting and Wood Products

6.4. Adequacy of the IPCC Guidelines for Reporting Projects under the Kyoto Protocol

6.4.1. Methodological Issues
6.4.2. Data Requirements
6.4.3. Frequency and Period of Reporting

6.5. Options for Improving the Revised 1996 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gases under the Kyoto Protocol

6.5.1. Elements of Reporting
6.5.2. Approaches for Improving the IPCC Guidelines



Lead Authors:
J. Ford-Robertson (New Zealand), Y. Sokona (Mali), E. Vine (USA) Contributors: K. Paustian (USA), S. Calman (New Zealand), P. Frost (Zimbabwe), A. Kokorin (Russian Federation), G. Inoue (Japan)

Review Editor:
K. Ramakrishna (India)

Other reports in this collection