Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry

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Section discusses various carbon pools that could be included in carbon accounting for the purposes of the Kyoto Protocol. This section discusses carbon pools from the specific perspective of ARD activities. These carbon pools are affected as follows (see Table 3-6):

Table 3-6: Changes in components of terrestrial carbon stocks under different land-use changes. Note that, initially, carbon in litter and woody debris may increase following deforestation. Aboveground biomass and litter can also decrease (e.g., because of harvest or natural disturbances).
a It is assumed here that upon conversion of forest to grazing land, woody debris is not, or is only partly, removed. Dead roots, in particular, would not normally be removed. If woody debris is removed or burned, only dead roots would add to the short-term increase of woody litter.
b If forest is subsequently harvested and used for wood production.

Other reports in this collection