NOTE: Version 1.1 of the GHG emissions associated with the 40 SRES 
scenarios provided here are not completely identical to those in 
Appendix VII of the SRES report as published by Cambridge University 
Press (2000). In a small number of cases slight corrections were made 
after the publication of the document to prevent negative emissions 
which occurred as a result of the standardization procedure. The 
changes, which were necessary in just a few scenarios and future 
years, were relatively small. The corrected numbers presented here 
are recommended for use in further impacts, adaptation and mitigation 
analysis. The final gridded emissions data for  sulfur dioxide, 
methane, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and non-methane VOCs in the 
six illustrative scenarios were based on the version 1.1. emissions.
Technical Support Unit IPCC-WG3