Aviation and the Global Atmosphere

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10. Regulatory and Market-Based Mitigation Measures

Executive Summary

10.1. Introduction

10.2. Institutional Framework

    10.2.1. International Civil Aviation Organization

    10.2.2. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

10.3. Framework for Evaluation

    10.3.1. Methodology for Economic Analysis

    10.3.2. The Application of Economic Analysis

    10.3.3. Elasticity of Demand Considerations

10.4. Mitigation Measures

    10.4.1. Underlying Trends Relevant to Mitigation

    10.4.2. Regulatory Measures

    10.4.3. Economic and Market-Based Measures

    10.4.4. Other Measures (Communication,Voluntary Agreements, Intermodality, Research)

    10.4.5. Open Questions for Further Research and Policy Considerations



Lead Authors:
H. Aylesworth, J. Crayston, L. Dobbie, E. Fleuti, M. Mann, H. Somerville

Review Editor:
C.V. Oster, Jr.

Other reports in this collection