Aviation and the Global Atmosphere

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8. Air Transport Operations and Relation to Emissions

Executive Summary

8.1. Introduction

8.2. Air Traffic Management-Present and Future

    8.2.1. Introduction

    8.2.2. Limitations of Current ATM System

    8.2.3. Improvements to ATM System     8.2.4. Implementation     8.2.5. Environmental Benefits Associated with CNS/ATM Implementation 8.3. Other Operational Factors to Reduce Emissions

    8.3.1. Aircraft Performance     8.3.2. Ambient Factors

    8.3.3. Intermodality     8.3.4. Ground-Based Aircraft Emissions     8.3.5. Summary of Other Operational Factors



Lead Authors:
D. Dimitriu, L. Dobbie, V. Galotti, A. Lieuwen, S. Nakao, D. Raper, H. Somerville, R.L. Wayson, S. Webb

A. Gil, D.R. Marchi, B. Miaillier, B. Nas, J. Templeman

Review Editor:
C.V. Oster, Jr.

Other reports in this collection