Aviation and the Global Atmosphere

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1 Introduction

1.1. Background

1.2. Aviation

1.3. Emissions and the Environment

1.3.1. Carbon Dioxide
1.3.2. Water
1.3.3. Nitrogen Oxides
1.3.4. Particles and Particle Precursors
1.3.5. Atmospheric Models

1.4 Emissions Scenarios

1.5 Mitigation


This Special Report was accepted by IPCC Working Groups I and III (San Jos´┐Ż, Costa Rica 12-14 April 1999), but not approved in detail.

Lead Authors:
J.H. Ellis, N.R.P. Harris, D.H. Lister, J.E. Penner

Review Editor:
B.S. Nyenzi


Other reports in this collection