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Facilitation and Workshops

GRID-Arendal specialises in facilitating synergies to create environmental knowledge for positive impact.

GRID-Arendal has experience in tailor developing workshop design, content and facilitation. Below are examples of specific sustainable tourism workshops designed and implemented by GRID.

Gentoo Penguins, Antarctic Peninsula. Photo: Peter Prokosch

2007 – Exploratory Workshop on Linking Tourism and Conservation: A Finance Initiative for Protected Areas, Arendal Norway

The Linking Tourism and Conservation networking and partnership initiative started in May 2007 at a workshop held at GRID-Arendal, Norway. Over three sessions with presentations, more than 24 examples of “Linking Tourism and Conservation” for the funding of protected areas were described, and numerous others referenced.  The examples included cases from over 13 countries. Overall, workshop participants were receptive and enthusiastic in response to the “Linking Tourism and Conservation” initiative, and engaged constructively in their consideration of the many possible benefits and ways to achieve them.

2010 – Linking Tourism and Conservation in Marine Protected Areas, Arendal Norway

The Linking Tourism and Conservation Initiative was further developed at a seminar held in June 2010. The 2010 seminar focused on how tourism and biodiversity protection can create a win-win situation in Marine Protected Areas. Specific criteria that can be used to recognize functioning examples where tourism supports conservation or protected areas were identified and the relations to the work of other organizations and certification schemes were explored.

2012 – Linking Tourism and Conservation Seminar: Communication Strategies for replication, Seoul Korea

In 2012 GRID-Arendal was hosting a seminar and webinar at the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism (GPST) 2nd AGM in Korea. Here the participants defined and developed a toolkit for efficient communication and replication of well functioning examples where sustainable tourism is supporting protected areas.

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Linking Tourism and Conservation (LT&C) seminar in Seoul, March 2012. Photo: Elodie Perrat