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GRID-Arendal has produced publications, in both printed and electronic formats, on a wide range of issues related to the environment. The following publications have been coordinated by GRID-Arendal and have spesific chapters that focus on Sustainable Tourism.

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Towards a Green Economy - Pathways to Sustainable development and Poverty Eradication

CHAPTER: Tourism: Investing in Energy and Resource Efficiency
PDF chapter
| E-book chapter
| Full Publication

Green Economy in a Blue World

CHAPTER: Marine Tourism
Sythesis Report
| E-book | Full Publication

Vital Graphics on Payment for Ecosystem Services

Vital Graphics on Payment for Ecosystem Services - Realising Nature’s Value

CHAPTER: Markets Segment for Landscape Beauty: Preserving nature’s bounty
 E-book | Full Publication

Future full reports and publications will have a tourism focus beginning in 2013.

For additional GRID-Arendal reports regarding environmental issues, please follow this link: