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Linking Tourism & Conservation Initiative

The aim of the initiative is to highlight well functioning examples where tourism supports the development and management of protected areas.

Visitors paddeling through the rainforest, Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica. Photo: Peter Prokosch

Linking Tourism and Conservation focus at GRID-Arendal

We are identifying success factors of functioning cases and are striving to increase the worldwide understanding of these models, why they are functioning and how they can be replicated elsewhere. The initiative is supporting the targets of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). For further details on spesific Linking Tourism and Conservation themes, see the workshops under 'Facilitation and Workshops'.

The initiative aims at creating incentives for positive change to benefit a successful development and management of the world’s protected areas. For example, this can be achieved by:

  • Proactively considering the role of tourism in the development of (new) protected areas. Scarce funds for effective management can be increased through financial flow from tourism.
  • Encouraging tourism businesses to include nature conservation in their management plans. This leads to involvement and commitment of more stakeholders into biodiversity conservation.
  • Increasing awareness and support among visitors to protected areas that can lead to direct financial support or to support for relevant organizations and policies.

Immediate Goals

  • Continue to build and lead global partnerships to facilitate the implementation of sustainable tourism policy and practice
  • Support the LT&C project to highlight worldwide examples of best practices that support the development and management of protected areas
  • Encourage investors and private sector to invest in LT&C projects

The GRID-Arendal Linking Tourism and Conservation Survey

The survey is aiming at collecting information on existing Sustainable Tourism projects, businesses and concepts that support protected areas. Please follow the link for details:

Identification of European Linking Tourism and Conservation cases

In partnership with DestiNet, GRID-Arendal is highlighting several European best practice Linking Tourism and Conservation cases in an interactive map. The project is still under progress.
See the map draft of European LT&C cases