GRID-Arendal on the move: Mapping Ecological Marine Units
Peter Harris, GRID-Arendal’s Managing Director, participated at a meeting convened by Esri and the U.S. Geological Survey to create a global map of ecological marine units that will support mari ...
Published to 'News archive' 04 Mar 2015
Marine Newsletter #5 2014 – May
Highlights from the Marine Division at GRID-Arendal for May 2014
Published to 'News' 03 Jun 2014
Zambia - Atlas of our Changing Environment
Zambia has abundant water resources, vast forests,huge mineral deposits, and large tracts of arableland. These natural resources are important for thecountry’s economy, with copper and cobalt be ...
Published to 'Zambia Atlas' 13 Dec 2013
Environment and Security issues in the Southern Mediterranean Region
If not addressed and resolved, environmental problems – water shortages, land degradation, pollution – can become security threats. In this respect the Mediterranean is one of the world’s most v ...
Published to 'Complete collection' 19 Nov 2009
The Uganda Atlas - Evidence of Uganda’s changing environment
The Uganda Atlas of Our Changing Environment, prepared by the National Environmental Management Authority of Uganda, provides extensive scientific evidence of Uganda’s changing environment. Mode ...
Published to 'The Uganda atlas' 04 Sep 2009
Globalis is an interactive world atlas where you decide what is to be displayed on the map. Globalis aims to create an understanding for similarities and differences in human societies, as well as ...
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