The “Expert Elicitation Method”: A New Approach to State of the Environment Reporting
Tackling complex environmental issues means countries need new policies based on up-to-date and concrete information on the state of their environment, the threats it faces, and how they can be ...
Published to 'News' 23 Nov 2015
The Transboundary Waters Programme at GRID-Arendal
With nearly 90 per cent of the world’s population living in countries where freshwater resources cross borders, the peaceful cooperation and sustainable use of shared waters are critically impor ...
Published to 'Videos' 18 Nov 2015
GRID-Arendal on the move: UNESCO Water Security meeting
Björn Alfthan and Tina Schoolmeester participatedat an inception meeting for a project on water security, organised by UNESCOin Paris, France, from 9th to 11th February.
Published to 'News' 16 Mar 2015
Zambezi River Basin - Atlas of the changing Environment
The Zambezi River Basin Atlas of the Changing Environment isa basin collaborative initiative with the objective of providingscientific evidence about changes that are taking place in thenatural ...
Published to 'Zambezi River Basin' 15 Mar 2013
Caspian Environmental Information Centre launched
The high-level representatives and delegations present at the fourth Conference of the Parties of the Framework Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea (Tehran ...
Published to 'News' 07 Jan 2013
Environment & Poverty Times No.7
Water management and resource efficiency for green growth in East Asia is the focus of Issue 7 of Environment & Poverty Times. Jointly prepared by GRID-Arendal and UNEP’s Regional Office for Asi ...
Published to 'Environment & Poverty Times No.7' 01 Mar 2012
Case Lake Sevan - Integrated Environmental Assessment of Lake Sevan (Armenia)
Lake Sevan, located in the central part of the Republic of Armenia, faces environmental challenges, caused by overexploitation of its water resources in the Soviet period for Sevan- Hrazdan hydr ...
Published to 'Lake Sevan' 10 Feb 2012
Environment and Security in the Amu Darya River Basin, 2011
The prime aim of this report is to identify the environmental stress points in the Amu Darya basin which have, or may have, security repercussions for the states and population.The report then s ...
Published to 'Book' 21 Sep 2011
Working for the Environment - Examining environmental challenges in South Africa
Working for the Environment is prepared by GRID-Arendal for the Department of Environmental Affairs (former Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism) in South Africa. It aims to inform an ...
Published to 'Working for the Environment' 07 Jun 2011
Green Hills, Blue Cities: An Ecosystems Approach to Water Resources Management for African Cities
Africa is currently the least urbanised region in the world, but this is changing fast. Of the billion people living on the African continent, about 40 per cent lives in urban areas. The urban p ...
Published to 'Green Hills, Blue Cities' 21 Mar 2011
Sick Water? a finalist in the Digital Magazine Awards 2010
The Rapid Response Assessment report Sick water? The central role of wastewater management in sustainable development is one of 10 finalists in the Digital Magazine Awards 2010 for News & Busine ...
Published to 'News' 25 Oct 2010
Sick water? The central role of wastewater management in sustainable development
“Sick water? The central role of wastewater management in sustainable development” not only identifies the threats to human and ecological health and the consequences of inaction, but also prese ...
Published to 'Sick Water' 19 Mar 2010
Himalaya reports
3 reports are available as Interactive e-books: * "Water Storage - A strategy for climate change adaptation in the Himalayas" * "The Changing Himalayas" * "Local Responses to Too Much and To ...
Published to 'Himalaya reports' 04 Nov 2009
Sunne hav er den nye nøkkelen til å bekjempe klimaendringer
Cape Town, Nairobi, Roma, Paris, Arendal – Et 'blått karbon'-fond som kunne investere i vedlikehold og rehabilitering av viktige marine økosystemer bør vurderes av regjeringer som er opptatt av å ...
Published to 'Pressemeldinger (Norwegian)' 14 Oct 2009
Blue Carbon - The Role of Healthy Oceans in Binding Carbon
A new Rapid Response Assessment report released 14 October 2009 at the Diversitas Conference, Cape Town Conference Centre, South Africa. Compiled by experts at GRID-Arendal and UNEP in collabora ...
Published to 'Blue Carbon' 14 Oct 2009
Vital Water Graphics - 2nd Edition (2008)
An Overview of the State of the World’s Fresh and Marine Waters The report presents an overview, through a set of graphics, maps and other illustrations, of the current state of the world’s fr ...
Published to 'Vital Water Graphics 2' 28 Oct 2008
In Dead Water
Merging of Climate Change With Pollution, Over-Harvest, and Infestations in the World's Fishing Grounds A rapid response report that mapsthe multiple and combined impacts of pollution; alien i ...
Published to 'Complete collection' 15 Apr 2008
Vital Caspian Graphics - Challenges Beyond Caviar
We often associate the Caspian Sea with caviar that is legally or illegally finding its way to our tables, but overlook the footprints left by a number of industries installed on shores of the C ...
Published to 'Vital Caspian Graphics' 29 Jul 2007
Balkan Vital Graphics
Environmental protection is one of the areas where the Balkan countries still face a big challenge to catch up with their western neighbours. After the 1990s conflicts and the breakup of Yugosla ...
Published to 'Balkan Vital Graphics' 29 Apr 2007
Our Precious Coasts
Marine pollution, climate change and the resilience of coastal ecosystems. The ability of coral reefs to survive in a globally-warming world may crucially depend on the levels of pollution to w ...
Published to 'Our Precious Coasts' 29 Apr 2006
Planet in Peril: An Atlas of Current Threats to People and the Environment
This Atlas illustrates through texts and beautifully rendered maps, graphics and diagramsa holistic and well-researched analysis of today’s global issues and their impact on human population and ...
Published to 'Planet in Peril' 11 Mar 2006
The Fall of the Water
Emerging threats to the water resources and biodiversity at the roof of the world to Asia’s lowland from land-use changes associated with large-scale settlement and piecemeal development.
Published to 'The Fall of the Water' 16 Nov 2004