Pothier, Martin

Intern, Capacity Building & Assessment Division

Phone: (47) 94145180

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Martin Pothier (Canadian) started his internship at GRID-Arendal on 01 July 2013. He will support the Capacity Building and Assessment Division with, amongst others, the GEF Chemical project which focusses on the assessment of the sources of Mercury pollution in 3 EECCA countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. He will also support the project on reduction of chemical hazards arising from the mismanagement of electronic and electrical waste. Further, Martin will provide support to the Caspian Environmental Information Centre project (CEIC), which is providing a platform for information networking and collaboration between the Caspian littoral states and other stakeholders within the region, on issues concerning the environment of the Caspian Sea. In November 2013 Martin will graduate for his BSc. Honours in Environmental Science, Geochemistry and Environmental Ecotoxicology option.

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Capacity Building & Assessment Division