Vital Climate Graphics - Update
The publication of this second edition was prompted by the popularity of the first edition and the obvious need for providing updated information to our readers. The contents of this publication are accessible on this web site where all the graphics are reproduced in data formats that could be downloaded for further use.
Vital Arctic Graphics
The fate of the Arctic environment deserves global consideration. The Arctic is the world’s last continuous, undeveloped and unexploited coastal and marine region. It is an area highly unique in terms of its landscape, its peoples and ecosystems; as well as its vulnerability to climate change.
Vital Waste Graphics 2
The second edition of Vital Waste Graphics looks at the lifecycle of products and provides a wealth of data, text and graphics that shed a light on types of waste that are usually hidden to the consumers.
Mining for Closure: Policies, practises and guidelines for sustainable mining and closure of mines
Mining for Closure – Policies and guidelines for sustainable mining practice and closure of mines aims to present a basis for action within South Eastern Europe (SEE) and within the Tisza River Basin (TRB) towards the development of corporate practice, regulatory frameworks, governance guidelines and/or financial and insurance markets suitable for the support of a modern mining industry.
Environment and Security: Transforming risks into cooperation - Central Asia - Ferghana / Osh / Khujand area
Recent political developments in Kyrgyztan and Uzbekistan have once again drawn the world s attention to the Ferghana valley. Being the most fertile, densely populated region in the whole of Central Asia, the valley is home for 10 million people living well below US$ 500 a year per capita gross national income, so that 60% of the population is defined as poor.
Vital Waste Graphics
The publication "Vital Waste Graphics" was initiated by the Basel Convention Secretariat and produced in partnership with the Division of Environmental Conventions (DEC) of UNEP, Grid-Arendal and the Division of Early Warning Assessment-Europe of UNEP. It is being published for the seventh meeting of the Conference to the Parties of the Basel Convention (COP7).
Vital Climate Graphics Africa
The latest report (Third Assessment Report) of the UNEP/WMO Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) notes a warming of approximately 0.7°C over most of the African continent during the 20th century based on historical records. While the exact nature of the changes in temperature or precipitation, and extreme events are not known, there is general agreement that extreme events will g ...
Vital Climate Graphics
Vital Climate Graphics are based on the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was established by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Meteorological Organization. The IPCC's 1995 Second Assessment Report is widely respected as the most authoritative source of climate change information available.
Cookbook for State of the Environment Reporting on the Internet
GRID-Arendal's Cookbook for State of the Environment Reporting on the Internet is a 32-page booklet which provides easy-to-use methodological guidance for the development of electronic environmental status reports. Publishedon the internet and CD-ROM in 1998.