Connecting Youth and Nature to Act on Climate Change

Peter Prokosch, Managing Director, GRID-Arendal, and Julia Rawlins, Head Society Programmes, British Council Germany, have published a Guest Article in Climate Change Policy & Practice about the two institutions’ collaboration on Experiential Nature-based Training.

They write the following:

For the past two years, the British Council and GRID-Arendal, with funding from Youth in Action, have been working together to educate and inspire European youth to act on climate change. By using sustainable tourism destinations such as the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard and the Wadden Sea, we have connected these students to places of outstanding natural importance, and where the effects of climate change are already being visibly felt.

What we have seen through these trainings is that by immersing and connecting the participants to natural environments, they become inspired. Inspired to tell other people about their experiences, inspired to act in their local communities, and inspired to work together for a common cause.

Connecting participants with each other and thousands of young climate activists in the international ‘Climate Generation’ network also fulfills the objective of increasing intercultural understanding and collaboration globally. The exchange of knowledge and ideas and empowering young people to develop their own climate solutions is central to the programme.

Read the full article here.

Students are greeted at the National Park House, Husum. Credit: Björn Alfthan