Day 8, 9 & 10 - Traveling to Almaty




Traveling to Chevchenko. As the main road is too treacherous to travel by Whike, I have hired a driver 'Sancho Pancha' for the next two days. We went to Km 84. From there I cycled 3 hours on a bumpy pathway to Saura, supposedly known as an Oasis!

Late in the evening, 'Sancho Pancha' found us a hotel in Bautino, the harbor of Fort Shevchenko.












Morning: 30 Km cycling around Port Shevchenko.

Afternoon: 30 Km cycling to Caura Bay at km 43 from Aktau. The feeric beauty of the bay, with its rocks and its white beaches. Unfortunately, this beautiful sand is spoiled with detritus, bottles, and plastics bags.













Meeting with Orobeke, Ocer, and the other collaborators of the environmental institute of Aktau. I got briefed and received all the presentation material from the Forum on Caspian Sea Biodiversity. During the evening, the last little cycling on the beach before my departure to Almaty.

Talk again soon,