Day 3 - The Camp



After warm goodbye with my hosts at the Children Pensionat, I headed East towards Kuryk. The first 15km segment of windless had little traffic. The second 34 Km chunk to Kuryk had high traffic and strong lateral W-E wind meaning there was no need for pedaling but it also mitigates the risk of getting thrown towards the cars and trucks.









Arriving in Kuryk I got followed by the crowd of sympathetic locals asking many curious questions: are you American; where are you from; what is your nationality; what is this; why are you travelling with this engine; why don’t you travel by car; why don’t you speak Kazakh; how much does it cost; how old are you; etc.

Many people tried the Whike. After a short meal, I escape the Village and took the road further to the South. The desert was quite nude, hosting nothing more then an abandoned invalid wheel chair (wheelchair.jpg) and a few camels (dromadaire.jpg). It was already 8 pm when I came to a crossroad indicating an oil base camp on the right side at 20 km. Although it was not in the planned direction, I decided to cycle to this base to ask if I could spend the night there (to_thecamp.jpg).  










After one hour I arrived at the camp made of a few containers cranes and trucks. Watching me arrive from very far was a security guard with binoculars. He requested 100 USD to let me in. After a few jokes, it turned down to 15 dollars. People in the camp were very friendly. The barracks contained a kitchen where the cook who served a delicious ‘Plov’ with tea and juice. I was given five star hospitality – shower, bed and friendly company! The crumbling setup will be improved soon, when Indonesian investor will commit. In the morning after a great breakfast I took leave of these nice people (goodbye.jpg). Starting a new adventure now.

 All the best



Vincent (Kenderli Bay)