Day 2 - Radon hot water spring + interview



After spending the night in my camping tent on the beach, I woke up and found some very friendly people who invited me to play beach volleyball.

Yesterday, local people recommended me to go see the Radon hot water spring. There was no road indicated,directions apart from a faded sign with painted letters. I took the trail for two hours in the lunar emptiness of a salty desert. Upon meeting bifurcations (forks), I would recommend to systematically choose the 'thrown bottles and cans' track.

I must say, the lakeside trail adjacent to the MAEK nuclear power plant was quite nice. Here, I also found many elegant dromadaires and horses.









After all of the amazing scenery, I finally got to the hot water spring! Beautiful and well attended spring is extremely hot — 50-60 degrees! It is recommended not to bath more than 15 minutes at a time. Some people take mud bath. In this lost place, I met a young man (Nurlan) from Almaty who told me that he saw my interview with the Whike at KTK –


The way back

was very fast (less than one hour) due to the excellent wind and the smooth ground! I also took many videos that I will upload when I will be in the city with good internet access.


After having purchased a new SIM card to improve my internet access, I can now update the travel route (blue) and plan (yellow) on Google map:


OK, I must take the road – Will update soon.


All the best!