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Building A Green Economy

- Land
- Biodiversity
- Water

Making it Happen

Reflections on the way forward

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Anne Solgaard, Ieva Rucevska (GRID-Arendal) and Martina Otto, Punjanit Leagnavar (UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics)

Editorial support:

Janet F. Skaalvik , Rannveig Formo, Rannveig Nilsen, Yannick Beaudoin, and Nicole Wegner (GRID-Arendal).


Peter Fries Kieran Cook Cartography
Riccardo Pravettoni (GRID-Arendal)
Nieves López Izquierdo


Rob Barnes (GRID-Arendal)


Uwe R. Fritsche, Energy & Climate Division, Öko-Institut e.V. Darmstadt Office, Germany.

Prof. José Goldemberg, Universidade de São Paulo, IEE- Instituto de Eletrotécnica e Energia, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo, Brazil.

Prof. Dr. Andre P.C. Faaij, Copernicus Institute - Utrecht University Faculty of Science - Dept. of Science, Technology & Society, The Netherlands.

Dr. Arnaldo Carneiro Filho, Assessoria Científica (Scientific adviser) Subsecretaria de Desenvolvimento Sustentável, Secretaria de Assuntos Estratégicos | Presidência da República, Brazil.

Nathalie Doswald, Project Manager, World Conservation and Monitoring Centre (WCMC), UK.

Dr. Jeremy Woods, Lecturer in Bioenergy, Imperial College London, UK.

Francis X. Johnson, Research Fellow, Energy and Climate, Stockholm Environment Insitute, Sweden. Copy Editor Harry Forster, Interrelate, 2 rue Saint Laurent, 38000 Grenoble, France.

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