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Vital Climate Graphics Africa

Temperature curves global last 1000 years, 140 years and Africa last 100 years.

Africa follows the global trend of recent increases in temperatures.

Temperatures in Africa over the last 100 years

Observational records show that the continent of Africa has been warming through the 20th century at the rate of about 0.05°C per decade with slightly larger warming in the June-November seasons than in December-May (Hulme et al., 2001). By the year 2000, the 5 warmest years in Africa had all occurred since 1988, with 1988 and 1995 being the two warmest years. This rate of warming is not dissimilar to that experienced globally, and the periods of most rapid warming-the 1910s to 1930s and the post-1970s-occur simultaneously in Africa and the world.