Vital Climate Graphics Africa


Project leader/Editor:
Sven Åke Bjørke (GRID-Arendal)

Philippe Rekacewicz (GRID-Arendal)
Delphine Digout (GRID-Arendal)
Otto Simonett (GRID-Arendal)

Dr. Paul V. Desanker
Sven Åke Bjørke

Dr. Paul V. Desanker
University of Virginia, USA/Center for African Development Solutions (CADS), South Africa

Dr. Robert (Bob) Scholes
Environmentek, Council for Science and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa

Prof. Ogunlande Davidson
Energy & Development Research Centre, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Mr. Bubu Jallow
Department of Water Resources, The Gambia

Dr. Hesphina Rukato
WSSD Policy Unit, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, South Africa

Dr. Neil A. Leary
The International START Secretariat, Washington, DC, USA

Prof. Eric Odada
University of Nairobi and Pan African START Secretariat (PASS), Nairobi, Kenya

Dir. Svein Tveitdal

Anna Ballance

Dr. Ravi Sharma

For helpful comments and advise, thanks to:
Megumi Seki (UNEP), Christian Lambrecht (UNEP), Deon Marais (DEAT, South Africa),
Charmain Kruger (DEAT, South Africa), Bob Kakuyo (UNEP) Jacob Gyamfi-Aidoo (CSIR, South Africa),
David MacDevette (UNEP) Otto Simonett (GRID-Arendal), Guy Dauncey (B.C. Canada), Michael Williams (UNEP-Geneva)