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Africa Environment Outlook 3 - Authors guide

The purpose of these guidelines is to serve as a reference point for all players involved in the AEO-3 production process. The main aim is to ensure consistency in the quality of contributions to the report; avoid problems in the use of illustrations; and guide the editorial and review processes. The guidelines are relevant to all partners and stakeholders contributing to the AEO-3 reporting process. They should be used through all stages of the process: from data acquisition, drafting, writing editing, peer review through to design and printing of the finished product.

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When the second Africa Environment Outlook (AEO-2) was being written, guidelines were prepared to ensure consistency in the quality of contributions to the report. The AEO-2 Guidelines took into account the difficulties experienced in the production of the first AEO report. The current guidelines aim to further streamline the process and are based on the experiences and lessons learned from the previous AEO and GEO processes, as well as other UNEP-commissioned case studies.

The guidelines are also expected to ensure a strong science-policy interface, by elucidating the health and environment linkages within environmental assessments. To that end, it explains the institutional framework and roles of the different actors involved in the AEO-3 process; indicates possible sources of information; highlights the analytical framework to be used in the report; and provides the report outline.