Forest regionalization by S.F.Kurnaev

Forest regionalization by S.F.Kurnaev

cell size 16km


Arctic desert zone

arctic desert

Tundra zone

plain tundra
mountain tundra

Forest-tundra zone

forest tundra

Meadow and meadow-forest zone

meadows and meadow open forests

Taiga zone

open taiga
north taiga
middle taiga
south taiga

Mixed forests zone

northern subzone with the prevalence of coniferous trees
southern subzone with equal shares of coniferous and decidious trees
northern subzone of monodominant forests
southern subzone of polydominant thermophilous forests

Forest-steppe zone


Steppe zone

subzone of northern steppes
subzone of southern steppes

Semidesert zone

subzone of northern semideserts
subzone of southern semideserts

Desert zone

subzone of northern deserts
subzone of southern deserts