"Commercial, off-the-shelf solutions for GIS - WWW interfacing"

By Sindre Langaas, GRID-Arendal

This list is by no means exhaustive, and it is based upon responses to a request sent to comp.infosystems.gis and distgis for off-the-shelf solutions for GIS - WWW interfacing.
VendorProduct NameVector/Raster/BothServer OS
AutoDeskMapGuideVectorWin NT 3.51
BentleyMicrostation GeoGraphics Vector ?
ESRIMapObjectsBothWin NT
MapInfoProServerVectorWin NT/95
IntergraphGeoMedia Web MapBothWindows NT / UNIX (?)
GenasysSpatial WebBrokerBothUNIX type
APPIAN Interactive Corp.APPIAN "Carta"Vector /BothUNIX type
ObjectFXSpatial NetBoth Win NT, SUN Solaris, HP-UX
Universal Systems Ltd.CARIS Internet ServerBoth UNIX ?

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