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About the Package
Table of contents
Classification of Case Studies: Subject Areas
Classification of Case Studies: Methodologies
Classification of Case Studies: Applications and Coverage
A GIS application Project: Object, Steps, Benefits
A GIS application Project: Input, Resources, Needs

GIS Application Case Studies:

Thematic Mapping and Assessment:

1. A Systems Analysis of the World's Forests
2. Agricultural Development Options Review in Cambodia - Land Cover Mapping
3. Anamorphic Maps
4. Collaborative Planning and Monitoring of Watershed Resources Management
5. Diversity of Wild Potato Species in Bolivia
6. Early Determination and Monitoring of Droughts in Kazakhstan
7. Environmental and Sustainability Indicators for Latin America and the Carribean
8. High-resolution Remote Sensing: Detailed Information for Participatory Research
9. Land-use Changes in the Ethiopian Highlands: Use of GIS in Resource Management Research
10. Land Cover Mapping of Afghanistan
11. Mapping Poverty in West Africa
12. Natural Agricultural Potential of European Landscapes
13. Sea-Level Rise in the Nile Delta
14. Use of Aerial Photography for Mapping the Salinisation of Agricultural Soils in Uzbekistan
15. Using GIS/RS to monitor and evaluate irrigation and drainage projects in Pakistan
16. Using SAR Images to Locate Gaps in the Riparian Forests of Colombian Tropical Lowlands

Database Development and Dissemination:

17. Asian Population Database
18. Circumpolar Population and Agriculture Database
19. Crop Information Systems for Food Legumes in Hokkaido, Japan
20. Electronic Atlas of Rice Areas by Type of Culture: South, Southeast and East Asia
21. FAO Statistical Database Dissemination System
22. GIS and Breeding for Drought Tolerant Maize in Sub-Saharan Africa
23. Land-use GIS for the Cajamarca Area in Peru
24. Land Quality Indicators Information System
25. Mountain Environment and Natural Resources Information Service: Gorkha District Database
26. On-line Baltic Sea Drainage Basin GIS
27. REEFBASE: Towards Informed Management of coral Reefs and Their Resources
28. Soil and Terrain Database for Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Protection in Hungary
29. The UNEP Meta-data Directory
30. World Water and Climate Atlas

Modelling and Remote Sensing:

31. Delineating Effective Riparian Buffer Widths for Water Quality Protection
32. Fuzzy Classification for Mapping Forest Vegetation
33. GIS-Based Soil Erosion Model
34. GIS for Late Blight Research
35. Modelling of Spatial and Temporal Changes in Soil-Water Erosion
36. Potential Impact of Climate Change on Crop Suitability: Robusta coffee in Uganda
37. Precision Farming - The EPIC Model
38. Simulation Models for Studying Limiting Factors in Potato Production
39. Spatial Analysis of Intraspecific Diversity: A Point-centred Approach
40. Spatial Characterisation Tool
41. Water Management in Kirindi Oya Irrigation and Settlement Project in Sri Lanka
42. Where Will It Grow? How Well Will It Grow?
43. Wilderness Mapping for Evaluating Human Impact on the Environment

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