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Use of Aerial Photography for Mapping
the Salinisation of Agricultural Soils in Uzbekistan
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Identification of the growth conditions of cotton and alfalfa using readily available panchromatic materials of aerial photography, aiming at increased accuracy of salinisation surveying and cost reduction. The approach also allows for quantitative (e.g. cost-related) estimates to be consistently applied to large areas.

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Field work has been carried out for 10 years in the irrigation zone of Golodnaya and Yizagskaya steppes in Uzbekistan, including the old irrigated lands. Field mapping of salt salinisation in key areas was conducted. This was used for the identification of salini-sation patterns in the entire area using inexpensive pan-chromatic aerial photos. A time-series of maps beginning in 1960 was compiled.

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Map of soil salinisation
levels in Golodnaya and Yizagskaya steppes, Uzbekistan

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Map-sheme of
soil salinization

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