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Electronic Atlas of Rice Areas by Type of Culture:
South, Southeast and East Asia
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  • To make available a geographically-referenced data set on rice areas reported by type of culture at sub-national level that can be accessed and used by rice researchers as reference information.
  • To link the data to GIS maps so that they can be accessed, viewed and analyzed electronically.

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A revised and updated data base was developed largely on the basis of a wide range of official data published by various government agencies

and from consultation with NARS-IRRI field research teams. The breakdown of rice area by type of culture is often not explicitly reported, so accessory information such as topography maps, reports on extent of irrigation and local knowledge were employed to provide the best estimates.

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The basic data (in tabular form) which serve as the attribute data for the GIS maps. Other data, thought to be of special interest to IRRI scientists and which were readily available (such as

demographic and rice production data), have been included, as well as base maps for all countries and a series of bar graphs that depict changes in rice areas by type of culture for 16 countries. The report is offered electronically and in conjunction with the ARC/VIEW GIS package. In the near future, the data sets will be available for IRRI outreach staff and interested users outside of IRRI through the Internet home page.
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Contact : For the published report: R.D. Huggan, Communication and Publication Services
For the GIS data base: Kam Suan Pheng, GIS Specialist GIS/IP Lab.,
International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), P.O. Box 933, 1099 Manila, Philippines
Phone: + 632 845 0563, 845 0569, 845 0570 Fax: + 632 891 1292, 817 8470
E-mail: irrigis@cgnet.com | http://www.cgiar.org/irri