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Collaborative Planning and Monitoring of Watershed Resources Management
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Shared Control of Natural Resources Project (SCOR) is a participatory action research project implemented as a collaborative effort of the Government of Sri Lanka, USAID and IIMI and aimed at increasing productivity of natural resources in watersheds by combining technology, organisation, resources and policy in a collaborative mode to induce changes in use of resources.
The role of GIS procedures is to link participatory rural appraisal tools with GIS for the extraction and dissemination of information from spatial data for collaborative planning and monitoring.

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SCOR mission requires the characterisation of a watershed resource base, visual presentation of resource
degradation, the analysis of constraints and actions, and the selection and application of indicators for measuring change and effects.

Steps undertaken in a pilot sub-watershed of the Upper Nilwala watershed in the Wet Zone of Sri Lanka were:
  • mapping the use of land and water resources with available secondary data;
  • updating land-use information through participatory resource use survey;
  • establishing a computerised spatial database;
  • participatory constraint analysis and planning;
  • mapping the desirable future development;
  • collecting data by plot to evaluate the attainment of management levels;
  • contiguity analysis and spatial statistics to measure the adoption of better practices, analyse the clustering of plots achieving higher management levels, explain and predict changes, and provide warning on the need of corrective actions.
ARC/INFO is used for digiti-sing, and IDRISI for analytical work.

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A series of maps used as a basis for analysis and recom-mendations. The project has planned to reach 20,000 farmer families in two pilot watersheds.

Management Levels of Tea Lands.
Left January 1995, Right February 1996.

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Contact : Gamini P. Batuwitage, SCOR Project
International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI), P.O. Box: 2075, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 1 872184 Fax: +94 1 872185
E-mail: g.batuwitage@cgnet.com | http://www.cgiar.org/iimi/