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Mountain Environment and Natural Resources Information Service:
Gorkha District Database
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The Hindukush-Himalayan Region presents a wide range of both ecological and development problems. Isolated solutions have proved to be counterproductive, since most of the problems are interconnected. An integrated approach to solving the problems needs a strong database. In 1990, ICIMOD established the Mountain Environment and Natural Resources' Information Service as a resource center for the HKH Region for the study and application of GIS technology. One of the pilot activities was to build a GIS of Gorkha District.

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The established database of Gorkha District is based mainly on secondary data. The population figures were extracted from the 1991 Census, and all other socioeconomic figures were retrieved from a ward-level baseline survey. The database currently covers such themes as:
  • elevation, water bodies and meteorological data;
  • land utilization and land resources;
  • settlements, roads, population and agriculture.

The work has been supported by the Governments of Nepal and Germany
The database is based on ARC/INFO software. A PC platform was used for data input and digitizing, while the geographic analysis was carried out using IBM RISC System/6000TM.

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The database is available in a PC format. Among its applications have been:
  • the agro-climatic zoning of the district territory;
  • the analysis of livestock feed situation, including feed supply, feed requirements, and livestock carrying capacity;
  • the assessment of the potential of horticultural development as a function of climate, land use, and access to market infrastructure;
  • the correlation of land use and climatic factors;
  • the analysis of appropriate locations for potato production during optimal growing periods.

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