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Using GIS/RS to monitor and evaluate irrigation and drainage projects in Pakistan
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In 1994, IIMI (Pakistan National Program), in collabo-ration with Cemagref (France) and the Watercourse Monito-ring and Evaluation Directorate (WMED) of the Pakistani Water and Power Development Au-thority started a research pro-gram with the main objective to assess the potential of GIS/ RS to monitor and evaluate irrigation and drainage projects in Pakistan and to identify appropriate methodology to estimate selected performance indicators. The final goal is to operationalise GIS/RS as part of regular monitoring and evaluation activities.
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SPOT images were acquired for the Chishtian Subdivision (67,000 ha) of the Fordwah/ Eastern Sadiqia irrigation system, South-Punjab. Supervised classification was performed, using ERDAS VGA Imagine and PC ARC/INFO software, to obtain cropping pattern and intensity for the Kharif (summer) 1994 and the Rabi (winter) 1994-95 seasons. An overall accuracy of around 95% was obtained for land use (cropped versus other areas), but confusion remained between different crops (overall accuracy of 80-85%). The current research is focused on the further development of methodologies to identify crops and estimate cropping intensity and pattern, and on testing the sensitivity of classification results to various elements of
a sampling plan. Three WMED staff and 3 IIMI staff are involved in planning, supervision, data processing and analysis and report writing. Six field assistants collect information in the field.

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The comparison between the primary agricultural statistics obtained through this study and statistics obtained by WMED using traditional sampling will lead to the identification of possible improvements in sampling plans. Secondary statistics will be produced using classification results and satellite imagery. Costs will be estimated for each methodology option. Appropriate methodologies will then be implemented by WMED on a regular basis in various monitoring and evaluation projects.
  Cropping intensities for tertiary unit command areas of the Chishtian Sub-Division (Pakistan) estimated by the use of satellite imagery, winter 1994-95

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