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The UNEP Meta-data Directory
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Meta-data are the ''overview'' or an informational abstract that describes (and points to) a particular data-set, report, map or institute. Meta-data assist users by providing access to institutes and/or data. The UNEP Meta-data Directory serves as a library card catalogue of environ-mental information. The soft-ware has been designed to manage both UNEP/GRID's internal meta-data and the assets of those organisations willing to co-operate with UNEP.

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In UNEP/GRID's discussions and consultations on this subject it has been determined that, given the multitude of hardware and software meta-data solutions, the most important aspect of the meta-data directory is its structure. Therefore, it has been decided to use a harmonised and easy-to-use structure accessible by

the widest possible user audience. The PC-based tool is designed to allow simple data entry (there are only ten mandatory fields for an institution entry or a data-set entry), uncomplicated data queries and easy data exchange between any organisations that use a basic inter- national meta-data standard, such as the ''Directory Inter-change Format'' (DIF) of NASA and the Committee of Earth Observing Satellites (CEOS). result.jpg 1.67 K
The Directory contains ''card entries'' (or meta-data descriptions) of institutes and data sets. Similar to a library card catalogue, the meta-data directory will allow users to search for environmental information by institute name or data-set (title), contact person (author), theme, keyword and location (subject), as well as other criteria. The tool is currently being used for documenting the spatial data holdings of the CGIAR centres.

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