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Land Quality Indicators Information System
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The development of a global information system related to land will involve:
  • the development of a meta-data catalogue on land-related data currently being stored by various international and national agencies,
  • documentation, guidelines, analyses of data quality and compatibility, voids in information,
  • databases directly available on the system,
  • inventory of land quality and environment related projects.

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For the implementation of the first version, about six months of work were spent. ARC/INFO was used for the mapping component of the project.

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Comprehensive collection of mostly geo-referenced land information accessible on WWW for users such as task managers and policy makers at national and sub-national levels.

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Contact : Alexandre Borde, The World Bank, 1818 h Street, NW, Washington DC, 20433, USA
Phone: 202 473 0898 Fax: 202 522 3306
Email. Aborde@worldbank.org