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Land-use GIS for the Cajamarca Area in Peru
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CIPís research on Andean natural resources is mostly embedded in CONDESAN, the Consortium for Sustainable Development in the Andes. Most CONDESAN related research is located at its "benchmark sites", Cajamarca being one of them. To better support various related research activities at this site, there is a need for both sound databases to characterize the area, and for
tools that can be used to integrate different types of new data and knowledge.

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GIS is used for general benchmark site characterization as well as for specific research projects.

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Research topics supported by the Cajamarca GIS include the relations
between land use, land use change and land degradation, and the effect that policy may have on these processes. Research is carried out at different scales, from parcels to larger units. One of the central themes of research is how GIS and mathematical models can be used to improve extrapolation of research results in heterogeneous environments like the Andes.

Land Use in Cajamarca, 1978 and 1996

Land Use in Cajamarca, parcel level.

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