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Soil and Terrain Database for Sustainable Agriculture
and Environmental Protection in Hungary (HunSOTER)
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To provide necessary data for improved mapping, modelling and monitoring of changes of world soil and terrain resources, UNEP's Soil and Terrain Digital Database project (SOTER) has been imple-mented. For Hungary in particular this implied the development of a Hungarian Soils and Terrain Digital Database following the international SOTER methodology and tools.

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HunSOTER data are stored in a relational database management system. The database was organized with PC ARC/INFO, maps were generally compiled together with topographical background by ArcView. The Hungarian version of SOTER has been built up with various modifications to fit the methodology to Hungary. The most signi- ficant deviation is the larger scale of HunSOTER, namely 1:500,000 versus the ordinary 1:1,000,000. Methodological and technical support was given by International Soil Reference and Information Centre (ISRIC) Wageningen/The Netherlands.

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Orderly arrangement of natural resource data through the creation of a database containing attributes on physiography, soils, vegetation, land use and climate. This database is linked to a base map.
Case studies demonstrate the applicability of HunSOTER for the evaluation of
the vulnerability of land and the suspectibility of soils to degradation.
Based on the experiences gained during the development of HunSOTER database, a modern and up-to-date GIS Lab was established at RISSAC and is prepared to become a SOTER training centre in the region.

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Contact : László Pásztor, József Szabó, György Várallyay
RISSAC GIS Lab, P.O. Box 102, H-1525 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +361 156 4644/13 Fax: +361 155 8839
E-mail: h2295pas@ella.hu | http://www.isric.nl/i_hunsot.html