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A Systems Analysis of the World's Forests
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Distribution of information on world forest systems and people-forest relationships, specifically
- extent and location of different forest types,
- types that are protected, the effectiveness of that protection,
- relationship between people and forest distribution, the changes in forest cover over time,
- current management practices and their degree of success.
Targeted users are institutions with national, regional and global mandates: Governments, national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), donor organisations, development planners and research institutes.

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Collection and integration of data and information from existing sources at the two collaborating institutions, in particular:
- WCMC Biodiversity Map Library (BML),
- analysis of the amount of tropical forest under protection worldwide based on the ecofloristic zones adopted by FAO carried out by WCMC,
- CIFOR studies on the relationship between forests and people in a number of tropical countries.
The forest coverages have been expanded to include all temperate and boreal areas of the globe, so that the coverage is now global.
New datasets for forests from national sources have been incorporated into the forest coverages, ensuring that they are as accurate as possible.

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Outputs from the project include accurate maps of forests for the world and protected areas information, and periodic reports highlighting the most important features. The forest information is available on the Internet. The GIS forest and protected areas coverages for the tropics have been published on CD-ROM and disseminated widely.

Forests by ecoregions and protected areas

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