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GIS for Late Blight Research
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Current GIS research on late blight aims to:
  • characterize geographic differences in the disease system,
  • assess production risks,
  • forecast the impact of new technology and resistant cultivars.
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The GIS for the integrated disease management of late blight incorporates spatial information on agricultural production, historical data on weather patterns, and data generated by simulation models.
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The data shown on the first three pictures are combined to identify production zones in Peru with a high risk of late blight damage. The GIS has also been used to design a scheme for collecting samples of Phytophthora in-festans, the fungus that causes the disease on these processes.

Left to right:
Potato production; Potential yield; Potential late blight severity.
Risk of production loss due to late blight

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Contact : Robert J. Hijmans, International Potato Center (CIP)
Apartado 1558, La Molina, Lima 12, Peru
Fax: +51.1.3495638
E-mail: r.hijmans@cgnet.com | http://www.cipotato.org/