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Asian Population Database

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Improve global, spatially referenced demographic data holdings. Such databases are useful for a variety of applications including strategic-level agricultural research and applications in the analysis of the human dimensions of global change.
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This project has pooled available data sets, many of which had been assembled for the global demography project. All data were checked, international boundaries and coastlines were replaced with a standard template, the attribute database was redesigned, and new, more reliable population estimates for subnational units were produced for all
countries. The project was carried out as a cooperative activity between NCGIA and UNEP (GRID-Geneva and GRID-Arendal) under the UNEP-CGIAR project on GIS in Agricultural Research)

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Improved datasets and population distribution maps.

CHINA: Population Distribution

China - Population Distribution

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Contact: Uwe Deichmann, National Centre for Geographic Information and Analysis
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106
E-mail: uwe@ncgia.ucsb.edu / http://www.grida.no/prog/global/cgiar/htmls/data.htm