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Title (max 80 characters)Circumpolar Boreal Vegetation Map (CBVM): Mapping the Green Halo
Blurb (max 320 characters)This concept paper outlines the development of the Circumpolar Boreal Vegetation Map (CBVM). CBVM is an attempt to understand the boreal in a new way that looks beyond the confines of administrative regions and regional approaches.

Currently, vegetation maps of the circumboreal region exist at a wide variety of scales using many legend approaches. These maps have been developed by numerous authors for a wide variety of disparate applications but are not integrated into a unified system. To fully address the consequences of these conservation and management issues, a circumboreal vegetation map is needed with a unified legend approach.  

In this respect, the CBVM will form the basis for important information for assessment and planning, and for solving natural and environmental protection problems at a global level. 

The aim of the CBVM project is to produce a vegetation map at a scale of 1:7.5 million with geobotanical database and derived products of the entire boreal biome using a unified, international method for classifying and mapping boreal vegetation.

Document type:PDF document
Year Published:2011
Published by:Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)


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