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Title (max 80 characters)Climate change impacts on food production and water availability in Russia
Blurb (max 320 characters)"A new assessment of climate change impacts on food production shortfalls and water availability in Russia" study takes into account the impact of changing frequency and spatial heterogeneity of extreme climate events, and the reliance of most of Russia on a few food producing regions.

This paper analyzes impacts of the IPCC A2 and B2 climate scenarios with the use of the Global Assessment of Security (GLASS) model (containing the Global Agro-Ecological Zones (GAEZ) crop production model and the Water-Global Assessment and Prognosis (WaterGAP 2) water resources model) to make predictions on food production shortfalls in Russia in the future.

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Document type:Web page
Year Published:2007
Published by:Global Environmental Change (Journal)


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