Guide to Arctic Policy and Assessments

Title (max 80 characters)Rovaniemi Declaration on the Protection of the Arctic Environment (1991)
Blurb (max 320 characters)Endorsed by the eight Arctic countries, the Rovaniemi Declaration provides a first framework for future cooperation in responding to environmental threats in the Arctic region.

Concerned by the growing impacts of pollution on ecosystems and its repercussions on local populations, the Arctic countries adopt as a common objective the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy (AEPS) and “commit themselves towards its implementation and further elaboration”.

The strategy sets out further cooperation in scientific research and the implementation of measures to control pollutants. It also defines cooperation on assessments of environmental impacts of development activities. It establishes four working groups:

  • Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme(AMAP),
  • Protection of the Marine Environment (PAME),
  • Emergency Preparedness, Prevention and Response (EPPR),
  • Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF).
Document type:PDF document
Year Published:1991
Published by:Arctic Council


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