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GRID-Arendal attended TEEB Arctic Meeting in Iceland

May 12-14, 2014, Reykjavik, Iceland - Trista Patterson, Senior Ecological Economist at GRID-Arendal, attended the TEEB Arctic meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, on May 12-14, 2014. 

GRID-Arendal is involved as a partner, in collaboration with the Arctic Council´s biodiversity Working Group (CAFF), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and WWF Arctic, in the scoping study of the TEEB Arctic study which aims to mainstream Arctic biodiversity and ecosystem services into policy and decision-making processes.

Last May in Reykjavik, the TEEB Arctic steering committee met to discuss the objectives, cooperation, funding, key audiences, policy relevance, strategy, and coordination of tasks. Inputs from tribal representatives were reviewed on issues such as participation, solicitation of ideas, and resonance of contents with users. A decision was taken to emphasize policy relevance when selecting the ecosystem services to be covered in the scoping report, and an action plan was developed to further this report.

Tuesday 20 May 2014